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Collisions, Physics & Surface Types History

22 Days Ago
PhysicsHullFromRender - move "Changing the Surface Property" section above "mass override" section,.
by Rubat
34 Days Ago
PhysicsHullFromRender - Remove old deleted referenced page
35 Days Ago
PhysicsHullFromRender - Minor Change
by Rubat
1 Year Ago
PhysicsHullFromRender - Added secondary option for defining Complex Collision Shapes, using the "Hull Per Element" import mode.
by Mailer
by xezno
PhysicsHullFromRender - Minor Change
PhysicsHullFromRender - grammar fix
by webby
PhysicsHullFromRender - Minor Change
PhysicsHullFromRender - More Grammar Fixes + Minor Change
by SE77H
PhysicsHullFromRender - Updated all text, fixed typos, rephrased few paragraphs, simplified some + Minor Change
PhysicsHullFromRender - Updated Warning text and fixed typos
PhysicsHullFromRender - added more useful info to it + Minor Change
PhysicsHullFromRender - Created Page + Minor Change + Minor Change
by Divined