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59 Days Ago
Prediction - DELETE
2 Months Ago
Prediction - Not entirely wrong, but TODO: rewrite entire page
9 Months Ago
Prediction - Minor Change
by Alex
Prediction - Minor Change
by Alex
Prediction - Trim the fat, add more info about what should/shouldn't be predicted + Minor Change
by Alex
10 Months Ago
Prediction - Minor Change
1 Year Ago
Prediction - Added page to Networking category
by ducc
Prediction - Minor Change
Prediction - Rewrite. More facts, less bullshit
Prediction - as per feedback
Prediction - bulked it up with lots more information. might come back to polish this later. please feel free to suggest any improvements or to point out any inaccuracies. + typo
Prediction - Undo previous change, Rename section
by Xenthio
Prediction - Rewrite Sounds/RPCs section
by Weldify
Prediction - Simplify "Sounds and RPCs"
by Alex
3 Years Ago
Prediction - Revert these bullshit changes, what are you talking about
by matt
Prediction - Scaring network programmers straight + "What shouldn't be predicted" section + grammer
by rlen
Prediction - Rewrite
Prediction - more cs codeblocks
by webby
Prediction - Also update to new network system
Prediction - Pain Day Update
Prediction - Move to networking tab
by TankNut
Prediction - Minor Change
by TankNut
Prediction - Created Page
by TankNut