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Setting up Visual Studio Code History

8 Months Ago
Setting_up_VSCode - add instructions for resolving Base Library.csproj intellisense issues + Minor Change
by Altimor
9 Months Ago
Setting_up_VSCode - Minor Change
by esde
Setting_up_VSCode - Updated "Opening projects" link to Getting Started page
by Panda
11 Months Ago
Setting_up_VSCode - replace ref to deleted page with suitable resource + Accidentally did not add correct heading to provided link
1 Year Ago
Setting_up_VSCode - Removes the themes section (again)
by MeDerp
Setting_up_VSCode - I think is 7.0
by kr
2 Years Ago
Setting_up_VSCode - Download .NET 6 SDK
by matt
3 Years Ago
Setting_up_VSCode - Add a warning to read the whole article, make roslyn analyzers step clearer, open csproj folder instead of using workspaces - I am not a VSCode user but workspaces do not seem to work properly following the previous steps, feel free to change if you are more experienced.
by matt
Setting_up_VSCode - Minor Change for the solution generation update.
Setting_up_VSCode - minor fix
by webby
Setting_up_VSCode - Discord presence has nothing to do with development
by ogniK
Setting_up_VSCode - Visual Studio is not Visual Studio Code
Setting_up_VSCode - add rtm516's s&box tools extention
by webby
Setting_up_VSCode - Add GenerateProjects.bat step
Setting_up_VSCode - Minor Change
Setting_up_VSCode - Minor Change
by webby
Setting_up_VSCode - Add requireExactSource: false for debugging with codegen + Minor Change
Setting_up_VSCode - Add back themes since it doesnt harm anyone and is only two lines
Setting_up_VSCode - Remove themes section as it doesn't fit the purpose of the s&box wiki
by MeDerp
Setting_up_VSCode - Minor Change
by webby
Setting_up_VSCode - Minor Change
by Pred
Setting_up_VSCode - Created Page + Minor Change