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<cat>Dev.Backend</cat>⤶ <title>Uploading your Map to the Backend</title>⤶ # Preparing your addon on the backend⤶ The first step is to make an addon on the backend by logging into the [Dev Site](https://sbox.facepunch.com/dev) and going to the `Add Content` section on your organization.⤶ ⤶ <upload src="3c1ff/8d9a61c535f17f8.png" size="87497" name="firefox_vt0gy2ywvR.png" />⤶ ⤶ After you have created your addon, you can upload your map in the `Downloads` section.⤶ ⤶ <upload src="3c1ff/8d9a61cd0eeca5e.png" size="33793" name="firefox_frkwOlzPOU.png" />⤶ ⤶ Your download can be provided as either a github repository link or a direct zip upload by switching the Download type appropriately.⤶ ⤶ # Notes for Zip Uploads:⤶ * The map can't be in a subfolder after /maps. So paths such as /maps/my_map/my_map.vpk are **not valid**.⤶ * The addon shortname needs to be the **exact same** as the vpk name.⤶ * The Zip itself should directly contain folders such as /maps, /materials, /models etc, no other subfolders before these.⤶ ⤶ ⤶ <warning>Renaming a vpk will break it, you'll need to either recompile your map under a new name or upload to a new addon if there is a naming mismatch!</warning>