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Uploading your Map to the Backend

Uploading your Map to the Backend

Preparing your addon on the backend

The first step is to make an addon on the backend by logging into the Dev Site and going to the Add Content section on your organization.


After you have created your addon, you can upload your map in the Downloads section.


Your download can be provided as either a github repository link or a direct zip upload by switching the Download type appropriately.

Notes for file structure etc:

  • The map can't be in a subfolder after /maps. So paths such as /maps/my_map/my_map.vpk are not valid.
  • The addon shortname needs to be the exact same as the vpk name.
  • The root directory (zip or repo) should directly contain folders such as /maps, /materials, /models etc, no other subfolders before these.
Renaming a vpk file will break it! You'll need to either recompile your map under a new name or upload it to a new addon if there is a naming mismatch.

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