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A Razor Overview History

3 Months Ago
ui-razor - shoehorn filename information in because this article is a mess
4 Months Ago
ui-razor - Minor Change
9 Months Ago
ui-razor - Minor Change (rebuilt on the next page -> next frame)
10 Months Ago
ui-razor - Explain ref behaviout
ui-razor - Remove dumb warnings + Add back @code codegen warning, explain partial is possible
ui-razor - Update warnings
ui-razor - Add warnings about hotload performance of embedded stylesheet and templates
11 Months Ago
ui-razor - Minor Change
ui-razor - Add warning for limitations of @code embedded code + Minor Change
ui-razor - Added a section for StyleSheetAttribute usage
by Crayz
ui-razor - autosave + styles + StateHasChanged + Minor Change + Root element, two way binds
ui-razor - Created Page