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Cinematic Animations


Cinematic Animation Commands

These commands are currently a work in progress and mostly used internally for video specific projects.

Play Animation

Use the following command to trigger a player cinematic animation:

cinematic_play <anim name> <optional playername/id> <optional speed>

A list of publicly available cinematic animations can be found by using the list command.

The optional player name/id parameter can be either a player or bot name. If no player name is parsed, the animation playback will be set to the player triggering the command.

The optional speed parameter will adjust the playback rate of the animation. 1.0 = 100%, 0.5 = 50%, etc.

Stop Animation

Use the command cinematic_stop <optional playername/id> to stop playback of a cinematic animation. The player animation will be returned to an idle state.

Same as the play command, the stop command can either be assigned to a player or bot name. If no player name is parsed, the animation of the current player triggering the command will stop.

Animation List

Use the command cinematic_list to print a list of all the available cinematic animation names and the total length for each animation. Below is a list of the current available animation names:

  • idle_stand
  • point
  • thumbsup
  • victory
  • wave
  • preview_thirsty_all
  • preview_hurt_arm_all
  • preview_choking_all
  • preview_cold_all
  • preview_fatigued_all
  • skydiving_land
  • droproll_01
  • hardfall_01
  • hat_tip
  • Debug_TPose
  • Debug_APose
  • idle_stand_handcuff
  • idle_stand_handcuff_nonloop
  • sleeping
  • loot_ground_start
  • loot_ground_exit
  • loot_ground_loop
  • wounded
  • wounded_loop
  • climb_idle
  • loot_ground_1
  • loot_ground_2
  • loot_ground_3
  • loot_ground_4
  • sit_boat_passenger
  • sit_down
  • stand_up
  • talk_01
  • talk_02
  • talk_02_sitting
  • talk_03
  • talk_04
  • talk_05
  • talk_06 (Staging branch - commit 93993)
  • bow_01
  • exclaim_01
  • scared_01
  • inventory_idle

Some animations play in a loop.

Server Previewing

Use the server convar server.cinematic 1 to allow all players on the server to preview triggered cinematic animations. By default the player/administrator calling the cinematic_play command can only see the animations client side.

Cinematic Gestures

You can also use the gesture command to play certain cinematic animations.

This system supports upper body animations, allowing you to move and look around whilst the animation is playing.

Here's an example with showing some talking animations being used in cinematic gestures:

Playing Cinematic Gestures

To play a cinematic gesture, use gesture name - replace "name" with the cinematic gesture/animation name.

For example gesture talk_05 will play a talking animation on your player as a gesture.

Note: If you call another cinematic gesture whilst one is playing, the current animation will transition to the new animation.

Cinematic Gesture List

Use the command list_cinematic_gestures to print out a list of cinematic animations which can be used with the gesture command.

Below is a list of the current available cinematic gesture animation names:

  • talk_01
  • talk_02
  • talk_03
  • talk_04
  • talk_05
  • exclaim_01
  • hat_tip
  • hold_relaxed

Holdtype Gestures

Using gesture hold_relaxed will play a looping relaxed animation pose - similar to how Scientist NPCs hold their weapons whilst idling.

This gesture dynamically works across different weapon and item holdtypes. Pressing your "attack" or "secondary attack" key will stop the gesture.