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What is Topology?

Topology is the group of layers that make up the characteristics of the ground we walk on in-game.

This includes things such as:

  • If the water is drinkable or seawater.
  • If ore nodes can spawn.
  • If it is the side of a road for junkpile spawns.

Each of these topology have their own layer which can be on/off if you want that desired effect for that topology in that area of the map.

Topology List

Topology Name Description
Field Spawns all collectable resources (wood, rocks, hemp) and bushes, cactus and small palms
Cliff Prevents everything from spawning
Summit ...
Beachside Spawns some bushes
Beach Spawns driftwood, small mossy rocks and boats. Required for making a valid spawn area
Forest Spawns forest fauna (requires a "Forest" splat) and mushrooms/potatos
Forestside Spawns harvestable wood, small rocks and bushes
Ocean Spawns underwater clutter, rock formations and sunken ships with loot
Oceanside Spawns collectable wood
Decor Spawns harvestable ores and decorative rocks
Monument Prevents animals, ores and decor from spawning in this area
Road Prevents any player buildings, spawns grass on asphalt
Roadside Spawns vehicles and junk piles
Swamp Spawns swamp trees but disables spawn of any ores or other trees
River Makes river water drinkable and adds some decor (mostly reeds)
Riverside Spawns pumpkins/corn and various decor
Lake Makes lake water drinkable (?)
Lakeside Spawns collectable pumpkins/corn & wood, adds some decor
Offshore Spawns driftwood and miscellaneous decor
Powerline Spawns some junk piles
Runway Used for spawning helis before the July 2020 update
Building Prevents trees and ores from spawning in this topology
Cliffside Spawns harvestable ores
Mountain Prevents animals, ores and decor from spawning in this area, adds loot barrels
Clutter Spawns harvestable ores and decorative rocks
Alt Spawns birch/american beech trees. Works only with Forest topology
Tier 0 Defines the tier 0 area on a map. Required for making a valid spawn area
Tier 1 Defines the tier 1 area on a map, crates will have better loot
Tier 2 Defines the tier 2 area on a map, crates will have best loot
Mainland Defines the playable area. Required to prevent airdrops falling into the ocean
Hilltop ...

Topology Summary (WIP?)




Making a valid spawn area

A spawn area is a random location on the map where a "new" character will "spawn" into the game. To make it working you'll need to make an area that has following topologies: Tier0, Beach, and Mainland.

• If the map doesn't have any valid spawn areas then players will spawn at (0,0,0), and probably kicked for InsideTerrain Violation.

Adding road junkpiles to your map

Road junkpiles appear only on a "Roadside" topology. To make a valid spawn area for junkpiles you'll need to paint this topology on any part of the map. It can be done near your roads or somewhere far away from everything – choosing the area is up to you.

Do not make the painted topology too thin – without enough space junkpiles won't spawn there. Keeping the same width as on procedural maps will be enough to get everything working as intended.

Alternatively you can use "Powerline" topology but "Roadside" is still preferred.

Information gathered provided by the Rust Map Making community