Rust Wiki

Items Overview

Item Container

An inventory that can store other items.


Item Definition

A prototype class for each type of item. Contains all configuration settings for items including:

  • Item ID
  • Shortname
  • Display Name
  • Stacksize

Item Manager

Provides methods to:

  • Create Items
  • Get all ItemDefinitions
  • Get all crafting recipes

Item Blueprint

The crafting cost of an item.

Attached to the ItemDefinition as a unity component.

Item Mod

Provides additional functionality or settings to an item. Some examples:

  • Combine multiple presents into a better one
  • Give out a random item when a present is unwrapped
  • The access level of a key card
  • Damage and ballistic data of bullets
  • Air storage capacity of jackhammers and diving tanks
  • Code to learn blueprint from a blueprint item
  • Health and food values of consumables

Look at the Item Mods for information on each individual ItemMod