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11 Days Ago
Topology - ...
18 Days Ago
Modding_Overview - Added Ocean Level under Special Entities
2 Months Ago
Creating-a-server - Creating a server + Still busy creating the page + Added under construction
3 Months Ago
item/bandage - Changed to the right tag.
by allin
MIDI_Binding - Added software examples
MIDI_Binding - WIP
MIDI_Binding - WIP. Added software setup documentation
MIDI_Binding - WIP
MIDI_Binding - Fix note off example convar
MIDI_Binding - WIP
MIDI_Binding - Created Page
Front Page - 协会
Map_Editors - Grammar and rephrasing.
Map_Editors - attempt no.2 – original version was lost in my files (please remove this article if such content here is not allowed)
F1/console - added a "finding commands" section
Topology - updated the topos list, only 2 of them are undocumented now
4 Months Ago
Map_Data - removed the note since I think I'll keep the article in current category.
Volume_Prefabs - Added link to reference how to make natural spawns to Spawn Point section.
Volume_Prefabs - added a warning to spawn point since they're still not working on respawn
Volume_Prefabs - title art
Volume_Prefabs - (sort of) finished the radiation sphere section
Volume_Prefabs - forgot to rephrase one thing for a safe zone prefab
Terrain - Updated page links with correct markdown.
Terrain - Added page link to terrain trigger in Alpha info
Volume_Prefabs - Extended description for volumes.
Custom_Maps - overview update
Terrain - minor additions and markup fixes
Volume_Prefabs - some rephrases, additions to "terrain trigger" part.
Custom_Maps - replaced page redirects to Rust items with an external link tag because first one doesn't work for some reason. (+ some rephrasing)
Volume_Prefabs - article for volume prefabs (title art pending)
Terrain - added an image for biome section
Terrain - ground splat section // alpha section update
Custom_Maps - Rephrased some wording. Added reference to where information was gathered from.
Terrain - Added reference to where information was gathered from.
Map_Data - Added reference to where information was gathered from.
Topology - kind of tweaked notes in spawn area sections + other minor random changes
Custom_Maps - typoooo fixes
Map_Data - title art
Topology - typo fix (as expected of wheatley)
Terrain - updated the "topology" section (added a small description and link to an actual article)
Custom_Maps - added "overview" section and updated the note
Map_Data - added the map data article (proper category and title art are still pending)
Topology - spawn point mini-guide (another rough port from RMM + own additions)
Terrain - title image art
Topology - topology summar & unconfirmed (rough port from RMM wiki)
Topology - initial list of all topologies and their descriptions, lots of missing information for now.
Topology - added a title art
Topology - Created page with basic outline of what will be added.
item/syringe.medical - Added more informations about the item
by allin
item/note - Added a Desc
by roninZ
item/ammo.shotgun.slug - Added Better Desc
by roninZ
item/rifle.ak - Fixed For The Last Time
by roninZ
item/note - removed cheat link
item/note - No change reason was given
item/electric.switch - Display in every electrical and fluid stuff cost to run, max input and max output
by Closer
item/electric.orswitch - Display in every electrical and fluid stuff cost to run, max input and max output
by Closer
item/electric.xorswitch - correction on unit of power
by Closer
item/ceilinglight - Correction on unit of power
by Closer
item/electric.andswitch - corecction on unit of power
by Closer
item/electric.andswitch - Display in every electrical and fluid stuff cost to run, max input and max output
by Closer
item/ceilinglight - Display in every electrical and fluid stuff cost to run, max input and max output
by Closer
5 Months Ago
Large_Oil_Rig - Created Page
Oil_Rig - Created Page
Debug_Camera - Added missing "+" to debugcamera_targetbind command
Farming - Changed the title
Farming - Changing words
Farming - Fixing some tweaks
Farming - Adding Genetics
Front Page - correction
Front Page - a few grammar/spelling corrections.
Front Page - Correction
Front Page - Welcome
Front Page - Removed Edit
Front Page - Change
item/chair - Comfort value
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
item/smg.mp5 - desc
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
item/lmg.m249 - desc
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
by wojak
item/rifle.ak - desc
by wojak
Demos - Adding a bit of context around how demo.jump can be used to restart the demo.
Debug_Camera - Updated camera parenting with debugcamera_targetbind
Demos - Removed comment on loading section
6 Months Ago
standever - Removed this self-promotion page
by Repaler
Modding_Tools - Added category
by Repaler
Modding_Overview - Fixed explanation
by Repaler
Item_Mods - Markup + description
by Repaler
Hooks - Minor fixes
by Repaler
Entities - Minor Fixes
by Repaler
CSharp_Formatting - Minor fixes
by Repaler
CSharp_Basics - Minor fixes
by Repaler
Coroutines - Minor fixes
by Repaler
Other_Cinematic_Commands - Minor fixes
by Repaler
Depth_Of_Field - Minor fixes
by Repaler
Demos - Use of tags and spelling fixes
by Repaler
Debug_Camera - Grammar and spelling fixes
by Repaler
Cinematic_Animations - Spelling Fix
by Repaler
Workshop_FAQ - Grammar fix
by Repaler
Transparent_Pngs - A bit pedantic, but I capitalised PNG
by Repaler
Creating_Skins - Minor fixes
by Repaler
Instruments - Key tags added
by Repaler
Hosting_a_custom_map - Minor grammar fixes
by Repaler
Teams - Key tag
by Repaler
global_text_chat - Used key tag
by Repaler
Coroutines - Minor grammar and spelling fixes
by Repaler
Entities - Grammar & Spelling Mistakes
Modding_Tools - Just some mistakes with grammar and spelling.
Front Page - removed my edit
7 Months Ago
CSharp_Basics - Helps to come back later and read over it for better grammer
item/rustige_egg_a - Descriptive info
item/rustige_egg_b - Minor tweak
item/rustige_egg_a - Descriptive info
Items_Overview - Added examples of item mods
Item_Mods - Playing around with ways of explaining item mods
Items_Overview - Created Page
gay - removed
modding - Turns out you can specify custom text for page links
modding - Added section
CSharp_Basics - Added images
Entities - Explain IsDestroyed
Coroutines - Corrected false information about async
Entities - moved to modding
CSharp_Formatting - moved to modding
CSharp_Basics - moved to modding
Coroutines - moved to modding
Hooks - moved to modding
Modding_Overview - Moved to modding
modding - moved to modding
Coroutines - Added bunch of code examples
Coroutines - Created Page Coroutines
modding - Added coroutines
Entities - Formatting
CSharp_Formatting - Seriously what do I know about formatting anyways?
Modding_Tools - Git is important
CSharp_Formatting - Created another page
modding - Added some more topics
Modding_Tools - Forgot underlines
CSharp_Basics - Whos stupid idea was it to explain an entire programming language
modding - Left out > at the end of the page
Entities - Before adding csharp basics
Hooks - Added example
Hooks - Created Page
modding - Added hooks
Protobuf - Added why do I care
Protobuf - Created Page
Entities - Code changes
Modding_Overview - Added tree manager
modding - Adding topics
standever - Created Page
Front Page - Fixed paragraphs with punctuation issues.
global_text_chat - Paragraphs edited for grammar and punctuation rules.
item/largemedkit - spelling
by jmac00
by jmac00
item/workbench1 - spelling
by jmac00
item/workbench3 - added experimenting tab
by jmac00
item/workbench2 - added experimenting tab
by jmac00
item/furnace - added efficient smelting tab
by jmac00
item/lock.key - ADDED do not need key if u placed lock
by jmac00
item/door.double.hinged.toptier - carried over info from single armored door
by jmac00
item/door.hinged.toptier - Formating and spelling
by jmac00
Ore_nodes - Capitalize title
F1/console - improve title
by Mazey
8 Months Ago
item/weapon.mod.simplesight - ADDED POV change info
by jmac00
item/weapon.mod.silencer - ADDED ref to explo raids
by jmac00
gay - Blank page.
Front Page - Really don't need this
history-of-rust - Deleted
map - Just added more of what’s in the ocean and what players can do, feel free to change <3

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