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Fishing allows the player to acquire food, scrap, low grade, and additional items. You can fish in four different areas: Swamp, River, Ocean, and Underwater Lab Moon pool. Each one offering their own fish to catch. Once you catch a fish you can eat, sell for scrap, or gut fish to get loot. To sell for scrap the player must traverse to a fishing village.

To start fishing a player must first get a fishing rod. You can get the rod from missions, fishing village, large fishing village, and crafting. Then acquire bait from foraging, hunting animals, and food crates.

Apply the bait to the fishing rod. To use the fishing rod start by holding right click and then casting out with left click. A fish will eventually bite and a fishing mini game will start. You can use a / d to pull left and right and s to reel the fish in. The fishing line can get too tense and snap if the player continues to reel it in. To prevent this the player must stop reeling it in temporarily. Its also advised to keep the fish in the center. To do this you use the a / d to direct it.