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Server DNS Records

Server DNS Records

Rust supports connecting to servers through DNS records if you add the right records for them. To properly configure your Rust server to allow connections using a DNS hostname you will need to create two records.

  1. "A" record pointing to your Rust server's IPv4 address
  2. "SRV" record pointing to your "A" record with your server's query port
SRV records must:
  • be setup as _rust service and _udp protocol
  • not have multiple entries for the same server
  • have the port set to your server's query port (server.queryport)

Dashboard Examples using the DNS hostname ``



CloudFlare has the service, protocol, and name all in the name box.


GoDaddy A Record Example.png
GoDaddy SRV Record Example.png

GoDaddy has separate boxes for the service, protocol, and name.

Favorites List

If you have configured a DNS hostname for your Rust server then you can take advantage of enhanced favoriting for your server. Simply set the server.favoritesEndpoint convar to your Rust server's domain name and then any players who favorite your server would automatically use the domain name to find the server again in the future. This allows your server to go through IP and port changes without players losing it on their favorites list.

server.favoritesEndpoint should be set to your "A" record, so it should not have "_rust._udp" in it.