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Server Gamemodes

Server Gamemodes

Starting since February 4th 2021 all servers will be able to set various gamemodes. So far there are 7 modes that server owners can set. Everything is subject to change.

Changing gamemodes

Gamemode can be set using convar +server.gamemode <name>. Put it in your server startup config and changes will be applied on launch. There is also an other command that can be used at runtime, gamemode.set <name>. Check information below for the full list of currently available modes.

DO NOT switch between vanilla/softcore mid-wipe. This will reset all players and their inventory with no possibility to revert this.

Gamemodes List

Gamemode Name Description
vanilla Default Rust gameplay
softcore Vanilla gameplay but with some changes to make the game easier. See below for details
deathmatch Placeholder: not working currently.
teamdm Placeholder: not working currently.
onedeath Placeholder: not working currently.
koth_solo Placeholder: not working currently.
koth_team Placeholder: not working currently.


Softcore is a "lightweight" version of vanilla Rust gameplay:

  • Max team size is 4 players
  • Auth limited to team size (4)
  • Players can respawn at Compound/Bandit Camp. (not available if they are marked as hostile)
  • Not all loot is lost on death: 50% of inventory and 50% of hotbar items can be reclaimed at safe zone. Armor isn't saved. Players have only 2 hours to retrieve it, after that it'll disappear.

This is an experimental gamemode and will change in the future.

Softcore Settings

Softcore comes with three convars that allows you to edit amount of random items players can reclaim at safezone terminals. 0 means 0%, 0.5 means 50%, 1 means 100%.

Convar Description Default Value
gamemodesoftcore.reclaim_fraction_belt % of items that will be saved from hotbar 0.5
gamemodesoftcore.reclaim_fraction_main % of items that will be saved from inventory 0.5
gamemodesoftcore.reclaim_fraction_wear % of armor that will be saved 0

You can also change the maximum team and auth size using convar relationshipmanager.maxteamsize <value>.

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