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Prefabs & Entities

This page details information regarding prefabs and entities useful for cinematic purposes.

WORK IN PROGRESS - information coming soon

Cinematic Prefabs

Below are cinematic prefabs which can be used in custom maps.

Cinematic Entities

Cinematic entities can be spawned by admins via the F1 console or placed in custom maps.

Other Entities

Below are additional entities useful for cinematic purposes - these can be spawned by admins via the F1 console or placed in custom maps.

Modular Car Presets

Modular car presets make it easier for server owners to instantly spawn a working vehicle for each of the 3 available chassis sizes. These car presets come spawned with tier 3 engine components and max fuel.

Spawn a modular car preset using the command spawn car_2mod_01 or spawn car_3mod_01 or spawn car_4mod_01 - replace the last double digit number for a different vehicle configuration.

For less typing and faster spawning, use the spawn command without the "car_" portion of the string - E.g. "spawn 2mod_01" or "spawn 3mod_05"

Below is a full list of the current available modular car presets, each with different configurations:

/// 2 Module Cars car_2mod_01 car_2mod_02 car_2mod_03 car_2mod_04 car_2mod_05 car_2mod_06 car_2mod_07 car_2mod_08 /// 3 Module Cars car_3mod_01 car_3mod_02 car_3mod_03 car_3mod_04 car_3mod_05 car_3mod_06 car_3mod_07 car_3mod_08 car_3mod_09 car_3mod_10 car_3mod_11 car_3mod_12 /// 4 Module Cars car_4mod_01 car_4mod_02 car_4mod_03 car_4mod_04 car_4mod_05 car_4mod_06 car_4mod_07 car_4mod_08 car_4mod_09 car_4mod_10 car_4mod_11