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Procedural Generation Customization

world.configstring / world.configfile

The code is available in WorldConfig.cs. You can access it through Rust Dedicated Server's Assembly-CSharp.dll. Things might change in the future.

Create a new file in the server's server.identity folder and make your changes in JSON format. Launch the server with the configfile parameter: +world.configfile "myConfig.txt". I assume world.configstring is just putting the json object as the parameter.

The Default JSON File (Things that can currently be modified)

{ "PercentageTier0": 0.3, "PercentageTier1": 0.3, "PercentageTier2": 0.4, "PercentageBiomeArid": 0.4, "PercentageBiomeTemperate": 0.15, "PercentageBiomeTundra": 0.15, "PercentageBiomeArctic": 0.3, "MainRoads": true, "SideRoads": true, "Trails": true, "Rivers": true, "Powerlines": true, "AboveGroundRails": true, "BelowGroundRails": true, "UnderwaterLabs": true, "PrefabBlacklist": [], "PrefabWhitelist": [] }

An Example File removing trails, and blocking roadside electrical boxes, and powerlines

{ "Trails": false, "PrefabBlacklist": [ "electrical_box_", "powerline_poles" ] }


  • This works when a map is first generated. If the map is generated in your folder and you try to make changes without removing it first I don't believe new changes will apply. (untested)
  • What this can do for you is disable things, including any prefabs/monument.
  • Having little to no Tier0 topology will prevent your map from having spawn points. Players will be kicked for InsideTerrain Violation.
  • Some monuments require a specific Tier or Biome, lowering those percentages could prevent them from spawning.
  • Powerlines does not include the small telephone polls along the road. You would need to add those to the Blacklist.
  • The map must still be 4250 to get AboveGroundRails. The default value is already true, you will not get it on smaller maps.
  • Disabling BelowGroundRails will not remove the entrances at monuments, you will be left with big holes in your map. You must find a way to seal those up. (admin rocks?)
  • The Blacklist seems to take precedence over the Whitelist. I am unsure of a good use for the Whitelist - I'd love to see ideas.