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Procedural Generation Customization

world.configstring / world.configfile

Just Added 03 August 2023, in the "Wounded" update. Things could change in the future. The code is available in WorldConfig.cs. You can access it through Rust Dedicated Server's Assembly-CSharp.dll.

Create a new file in the server's server.identity folder and make your changes in JSON format. Launch the server with the configfile parameter: +world.configfile "myConfig.txt". I assume world.configstring is just putting the json object as the parameter.

The Default JSON File (Things that can currently be modified)

{ "PercentageTier0": 0.3, "PercentageTier1": 0.3, "PercentageTier2": 0.4, "PercentageBiomeArid": 0.4, "PercentageBiomeTemperate": 0.15, "PercentageBiomeTundra": 0.15, "PercentageBiomeArctic": 0.3, "MainRoads": true, "SideRoads": true, "Trails": true, "Rivers": true, "Powerlines": true, "AboveGroundRails": true, "BelowGroundRails": true, "UnderwaterLabs": true, "PrefabBlacklist": [], "PrefabWhitelist": [] }

An Example File removing trails, and blocking roadside electrical boxes, and powerlines

{ "Trails": false, "PrefabBlacklist": [ "electrical_box_", "powerline_poles" ] }


  • This changes how procedural maps are generated, you can change some default behaviors including blocking any prefabs/monument.
  • This works when a map is first generated. If the map is already present most new changes won't apply. Delete the .map file and regenerate.
  • Having little to no Tier0 topology will prevent your map from having spawn points. Players will be kicked for InsideTerrain Violation.
  • Some monuments require a specific Tier or Biome, lowering those percentages could prevent them from spawning.
  • Powerlines does not include the small telephone polls along the road. You would need to add those to the Blacklist.
  • The map must still be 4250 to get AboveGroundRails. The default value is already true, you will not get it on smaller maps.
  • Disabling BelowGroundRails will not remove the entrances at monuments, you will be left with big holes in your map. You must find a way to seal those up. (admin rocks?)
  • If you set something in Whitelist everything else will be blocked except those prefabs. Use Blacklist OR Whitelist, not both. This is using the Contains(String) Method, you do not need a full path to match something.

Barren Notes

Barren maps were retired in the Dec 2023 update, but this could be used to make a map very similar to them.

Barren Example

{ "MainRoads": false, "Trails": false, "Rivers": false, "Powerlines": false, "AboveGroundRails": false, "PrefabBlacklist": [ "monument/cave/cave_", "iceberg/iceberg_", "ice_lakes/ice_lake_", "swamp/swamp_", "cliff", "rock_formation_", "bush_" ] }

You can blacklist dynamic things like bushes, but you will constantly get spam in your console because of it. (devs please fix?)