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Hit the beach in style with the Sunburn Pack for Rust - a collection of 15 new summer themed goodies!

Surf some waves with the new Boogie Board or float in your Above Ground Pool on your Inner Tube. Get into a water fight with your team with the Water Gun and Water Pistol, or just sit back and watch the chaos in your own Recliner. Document all of your summer shenanigans with the new Instant Camera - take some photos and then display them with pride in 3 different sized Photo Frames.

Add some tropical fun to your respawn experience with the Beach Towel and equip some Sunglasses to instantly be the coolest person in Bandit Town. Replace your default underwear with some new swimwear (no crafting required!). It’s summer - have some fun!

Items Included

  • Instant Camera
  • 3x Photo Frames
  • 4x Swimwear themed underwear skins (Male and Female)
  • Water Gun (+4 skins)
  • Water Pistol
  • Boogie Board (+6 skins)
  • Inner Tube (+7 skins)
  • Above Ground Pool
  • Paddling Pool (+4 skins)
  • Beach Recliner (+8 skins)
  • Beach Parasol (+8 skins)
  • Beach Table
  • Beach Towel (+7 skins)
  • Sunglasses (+8 skins)