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Server Browser Tags

Server Browser Tags

What are tags?

Tags are additional bits of information that describe Rust servers. Up to three of them will be displayed on the Rust server browser and filtering will be supported one day.

The following tags are defined:

Value Title
monthly Monthly
biweekly Biweekly
weekly Weekly
vanilla Vanilla
pve PvE
roleplay Roleplay
creative Creative
softcore Softcore
minigame Minigame
training Combat Training
battlefield Battlefield
broyale Battle Royale
builds Build Server

How do I add them to my server?

Set the server.tags convar to the comma-separated tag values you wish to use from the table above. For example, if you want the Weekly, Vanilla, and Roleplay tags applied you would use server.tags weekly,vanilla,roleplay.

Note that some tags invalidate each other or may be set by other convars. For example, server.pve will apply the PvE tag and you cannot apply both Monthly and Weekly on the same server.

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