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Building Plan


The Building Plan is used to create weak twig structures at the cost of a nominal amount of wood. These twigs may be upgraded with a Hammer if the player has the resources to do so. Players may not build in zones in which there is a tool cupboard that they are not authorized on. Additionally, players may not build in certain areas of the map (such as near a radtown). Otherwise, players may build anywhere of their choosing.

General Information

  • Identifier: 1525520776
  • Stack Size: 1
  • Despawn Time: 5 min

Blueprint Ingredients

  • Building Plan Blueprint: Known by Default
  • Time: 3–15 sec
  • Tool Requirements: Scrap Total Research Table 10
  • Recycler Yield: 10

Building Block Resources

  • Twig Doorway: 7x Wood
  • Twig Floor: 5x Wood
  • Twig Floor Frame: 5x Wood
  • Twig Floor Triangle: 3x Wood
  • Twig Floor Triangle Frame: 3x Wood
  • Twig Foundation: 10x Wood
  • Twig Half Wall: 10x Wood
  • Twig Low Wall: 5x Wood
  • Twig Ramp: 5x Wood
  • Twig Roof: 5x Wood
  • Twig Roof Triangle: 5x Wood
  • Twig Stairs L Shape: 10x Wood
  • Twig Stairs Spiral: 10x Wood
  • Twig Stairs Spiral Triangle: 10x Wood
  • Twig Steps: 5x Wood
  • Twig Triangle Foundation: 5x Wood
  • Twig U Shaped Stairs: 10x Wood
  • Twig Wall: 10x Wood
  • Twig Wall Frame: 5x Wood
  • Twig Window: 7x Wood


  • Using the square foundation tool and waving it around is a stealthy alternative for seeing in the dark. While in an invalid position, you'll be able to see the outline of any objects the foundation passes through.
  • The cheapest way to get rid of animals. Make a foundation and jump on it. Even the bear will run away from you.