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L96 Rifle


A military issue high powered rifle.

The L96 Rifle is an end-game rifle featuring extremely accurate & long range capability. It fires 556 Rifle Ammo and can generally be considered a direct upgrade from the Bolt Action Rifle, with a single major drawback of instead being military quality - ultimately rendering it uncraftable by players.


Lootable Source Chance Condition
APC Crate 8% 100%
Oil Rig Locked Crate 3% 100%
Locked Crate 3% 100%
Helicopter Crate 0.3% 100%
Heavy Scientist 0.2% 100%
Underwater Lab Elite Crate 0.2% 1-5%
Elite Tier Crate 0.2% 1-5%


  • Base Damage: 80
  • Single Shot: Not Automatic
  • Magazine Capacity: 5

Although the L96 Rifle is military-grade, it offers no additional base damage over the Bolt Action Rifle.

A majorly beneficial (yet often undocumented) aspect of this rifle is the extremely high velocity it applies to fired bullets; requiring almost no leading of shots whatsoever. When paired with HV 556 Rifle Ammo, it is comparable to wielding a hitscan weapon (at ranges before bullet drop-off occurs).