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Getting Started

Debug camera is a freecam view which can be used by server administrators and developers.

Enabling Debug Camera

Use the command debugcamera to toggle between the debug camera and player camera. By default the camera will be positioned inside the head of the player triggering the command.

The command is best used when bound to a key - eg. bind p debugcamera

Transform Controls

The controls for the debug camera are fairly straightforward and mostly mimic existing movement keys.

w a s d - Position the camera

mouse - Adjust the pitch and yaw of the camera (i.e. look around)

q - Raise camera height

e - Lower camera height

space - Slows down the movement speed of the camera by half when held down.

right arrow - Roll / rotate camera right or clockwise

left arrow - Roll / rotate camera left or anti-clockwise

right mouse + mouse left / mouse right - Adjust roll / rotation of camera on the fly

up arrow / down arrow - Adjust pitch aof the camera angle (i.e. aim up or down)

Field of View

z or + - Zoom in (increase FOV amount)

c or - - Zoom out (decrease FOV amount)

right mouse + mouse up / mouse down - Adjust zoom (FOV amount) on the fly

FOV Command

You can also use the command debugcamera_fov <value> to set the zoom/FOV to a particular value.

Reset Camera

Use the r key to reset the field of view and roll of the debug camera to it's default state.

Speed Controls

Below are the available commands for controlling speed properties of the debug camera.

Camera Speed

camspeed <amount> - Sets the movement speed of the camera. Default value is 1.

Look Speed

camlookspeed <amount> - Sets the look speed of the camera. Default value is 1.

An amount of 0 will lock the camera angle and prevent mouse movement to aim the camera.

Zoom Speed

camzoomspeed <amount> - Sets the zoom speed of the camera when using FOV controls. Default value is 1.


These commands are useful for adding smoothed movement to certain properties of the debug camera.

Camera Lerp

camlerp <amount> - Add lerping (smoothing) to the debug camera's movement. Default value is 1. Lower values such as 0.01 will provide smoother results to movement of the camera.

camlerptilt <0/1> - Enable/disable tilt and roll locomotion for lower lerp values.

Zoom Lerp

camzoomlerp <amount> - Adds lerping to the camera's zoom movement. Default value is 1

Useful for adding smoother movement to FOV adjustments. Lower values = smoother motion.

Save Points

Use the command debugcamera_save <name> to save the position, angle, fov and roll of the camera.

Load a camera save point by using the command debugcamera_load <name>

Note: Camera save points are stored locally and can be called on any level or demo file. Saving a camera point with the same name will overwrite the previous save state with no warning.

Auto Save

debugcamera_autosave <0/1> - Automatically save the debug camera state when toggling it

This will save / retain the position, angle, fov and roll of the camera.

Auto Load

debugcamera_autoload <0/1> - Automatically load the debug camera state when toggling it


debugcamera_preserve <0/1> - Preserve the initial debug camera state through game restarts

List Save Points

debugcamera_list - Prints out all of the saved camera points; including name, position, rotation and zoom.

The total number of saved camera points is also printed at the bottom of the list.

Clear Saves

Use the command debugcamera_clear to remove all camera save points.

Camera Unfreeze

Use the command debugcamera_unfreeze to unfreeze player controls whilst remaining in the debug camera view.

This currently causes the camera to track the player and resets zoom + roll properties to their default state.

Camera Parenting

Currently in development.

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