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Debug Camera History

2 Months Ago
Debug_Camera - Minor Change
9 Months Ago
Debug_Camera - Bone targeting tweaks
1 Year Ago
Debug_Camera - ctrl+mouse roll/rotate option + Minor Change + dupe
by Jakb
2 Years Ago
Debug_Camera - Added new dolly commands in parenting section
3 Years Ago
Debug_Camera - Added missing "+" to debugcamera_targetbind command
Debug_Camera - Updated camera parenting with debugcamera_targetbind
Debug_Camera - Grammar and spelling fixes
by Repaler
Debug_Camera - Custom color ref
Debug_Camera - Added camera guides
Debug_Camera - Added camera parenting
Debug_Camera - Parenting TBC
Debug_Camera - Added yaw keys
Debug_Camera - Added FOV command
Debug_Camera - Lerp and Save Updates
Debug_Camera - Hyperlink fixes
Debug_Camera - Various fixes
Debug_Camera - No change reason was given
Debug_Camera - Save Points update
Debug_Camera - Added 'debugcam clear' command
Debug_Camera - No change reason was given
Debug_Camera - Created Page