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Farming & Genetics


Farming is a great source of getting food and being hydrated at all times, and you don't even need to work hard to get it!


Genetics Meaning
G Growth Rate
Y Increased Yield
H Increased Hardiness
W Increased water Intake
X Null/Empty

Genetics and why they are a thing

Each plant has six slots, and what type of genes a plant has are randomly generated as soon as the player plants the seed. Note that of all the genes, the X and W genes are the only bad ones. If the player wants to cultivate a different strand of genes, then the player will have to grow several plants beside each other in the hopes that one plant’s genes will override the other by crossbreeding.

G = Growth Rate

Growth rate meaning how quickly the plant is growing, but this doesn't fully mean the plant is healthy, so make sure to keep a good eye on the other genes to see how they do.

Y = Increased Yield

This means how much income you get once the plant finishes growing.

H = Increased Hardiness

Increased Hardiness is how hard the plant is, but that doesn't matter to you, the more useful information you would want is that the harder the plant is the more you get once eating it, this meaning health and hunger.

W = Increased Water Intake

As stated above the Water Intake is one of the bad ones, this meaning if the water intake were to overrun the other genetics it would make the plant overall unhealthy and unbalanced.

X = Null/Empty

Well, it's Empty. Nothing much to say. :D