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Adding custom radios to Boombox


Due to some security reasons, players cannot add radio stations to the boombox on their own – so as a server owner, you'd need to implement them manually if you wish. This wiki page will briefly go through the command you need for adding custom radio stations, as well as other details.

Default Stations List

If you are looking for the original .txt file containing all default stations you can find it at <Rust folder>\RustClient_Data\StreamingAssets\RadioList.txt.

In-game Station Name URL
Rust Radio
Chippy Radio
Sonis Beats
Triple J
BBC Radio One
BBC Radio Two
BBC Radio Three
BBC Radio Four
BBC Radio 1xtra
98.7 The Shark
Magic Oldies Florida
Smooth Jazz Florida
Salsa Radio;
Radio Central
J Pop Project Radio - Global Edition
Heart FM
Heart 80s
Heart 90s
Heart Dance
Kool London
Metal Rock
Smooth Country
Real Punk Radio

Adding Stations

As a server owner, you can add your own station using the server console (or even in-game) using this command:

BoomBox.ServerUrlList “<In-game Station Name>,<URL>” So for example: BoomBox.ServerUrlList “Test Station,”

Keep in mind that URL must be a direct link to the audio stream. .M3U, .MP3 or any other format. (sometimes it's not seen in the link if their website was set up this way) If your browser automatically opens up the built-in audio players then this might be the correct link.


We recommend content creators turn off this feature (set Internet Audio Streams to Off in the Options menu) in order to not trigger any copyright/DCMA strikes.

Security Concerns

It is not recommended to add station URLs that you don't trust: there is no general rule that indicates which station might be problematic, but always be careful with suggestions to add player-hosted stations. Rust establishes a direct connection with the station URL and there is nothing between the client (you) and station server - this opens up a few exploit possibilities, including being able to gather IP addresses of players who get into the range of a working boombox. This is not exactly harmful besides of getting IP exposed, but might get players concerned.

Keep in mind that this involves only stations that players host themselves - these might be a problem only when they have a full control over it and can have their own interests when hosting the radio URL. This does not anyhow affect whitelisted radio stations or probably many others that you might find in the internet.