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Custom Monument Markers


This prefab can be used to apply text onto the in-game "G" map to mark custom locations/monuments.

The displayed name is taken from the PrefabData "category" string. Source

Map Editors can implement this feature by allowing the user to input the text into the monument_marker.prefab's category section within the PrefabData.

Customize the Markers

Furthermore, by modifying the name of the map marker you can achieve customized effects such as text size, color, and more! Copy and Paste and modify as needed!

Large text

<size=70>My Cool Monument</size>

Medium Text

<size=50>My Cool Monument</size>

Default Size

<size=20>My Cool Monument</size>

You can also use other formats such as the ones below

<b>For bold text</b>
<color=red>For Red Text</color>

Softcore mode respawn points

In softcore mode players can respawn at Compound or Bandit Camp. These two respawn points are exposed to prefabs list and allows you to make custom safe zones compatible with Softcore-exclusive features. However, there are two important things to note:

  • You can't edit names for these respawn points. If you set "bandit camp" point, it'll display as "bandit camp" in-game as well. Same about Compound.
  • Players can't use these respawn points if they are marked as hostile.

Bandit Camp respawn point:


Compound respawn point:


Softcore Reclaim Point

When dying on a softcore server, players lose only 50% of their inventory. They can reclaim other half of their items at Reclaim Terminal that are located in safe zones. (Compound/Bandit Camp by default)

You can set up your own reclaim points wherever you want using this:

Reclaimterminal - interactable object. Opens an UI with a large loot container with your items.

Reclaimcontainerstatic - decorative item. Just a 3x3m red-tinted shipping container with a sign saying "Reclaim".

Reclaimsign - decorative prop with "RECLAIM" painted on it.


Invisible point that Chinook-47 will use as a location for dropping the locked crate.

Spawn Point

Allows spawning players in the exact spot if your map doesn't have any appropriate spawn area or you want to make them spawn inside of a certain building or any other structure.

If you want the game to determine spawn points naturally based on topology (Same as procedural maps) check out Making a valid spawn area.

Spawn Points are broken and working only on first spawn – once you die, you will respawn in the corner of the map or on zero coordinates (0,0,0). This can be fixed with third-party plugins.

Community Prefab Toolkit

Community Prefab Toolkit provided by Lone.Design is a useful resource for anyone diving into the world of map making to easily have a canvas of prefabs to work with and choose from without having to sift through any lists!

Information gathered provided by the Rust Map Making & Lone.Design community.