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Heal yourself or others with this bandage. Left-click heals you, right-click heals a target.

The purpose of Bandages is chiefly to treat and prevent damage due to blood loss.

Most physical damage in Rust causes some degree of "Bleeding", indicated by the status effect and value above your health/hunger/thirst bars. Bleeding causes additional damage over time, indicated by the level of the effect, and suppresses healing effects such as the +20 healing from a Medical Syringe. Bandages can treat a significant amount of this, and as such, are best used alongside other healing items, e.g. Medical Syringe, to ensure they can be used effectively.

A bandage takes 4 cloth to craft and is a default blueprint.

Health +5
Healing 0
Hydration 0
Bleeding -50
Radiation 0
Poison -2
It takes 5 seconds to craft a Bandage.