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Volume Prefabs


Volume Prefabs are a collection of various triggers that have their unique effects once players enter the prefab. Almost all volumes have a 1x1x1 cube collider. Almost all are completely invisible in-game but apply specific effects to the player when interacted with.

Terrain Trigger

While a player is touching this trigger, collisions with the terrain will be ignored. If you want to make an entrance into a cave or other structure that needs the player to go through the terrain, this trigger is for you. To make the terrain clear, see “Alpha” in the Terrain tab.

Some triggers have other triggers or volumes built in, Terrain Trigger being one of them.

Terrain Trigger has this volume built into it:

  • Environmentalvolumeunderground

Keep in mind that all player-accessible underground areas must be inside of this trigger to prevent players from instantly dying and being kicked due to antihack. The alternative solution is disabling the antihack protection for terrain using this parameter: +antihack.terrain_protection 0 (Not recommended)

*Terrain Trigger Noenv

This does the exact same thing as the Terrain Trigger, just without the Environmentvolumeunderground volume. This is great for surface caves and monuments where you don’t want the screen to darken in areas under terrain.

Water Trigger

While a player is touching this trigger, all water on the map is temporarily removed for them, allowing them to move as if the water was never there. This is typically used to have underground areas that go under the ocean level. To ensure a seamless transition and avoid the sudden disappearance of water, it is recommended to block sightlines between players and any existing water when they enter the water trigger.

Water Trigger has this volume built into it:

  • Environmentalvolumeunderground

*Water Trigger Noenv

This does the exact same thing as the Water Trigger, just without the Environmentvolumeunderground volume.

Water Culling Volume

This prefab culls (hides) the area of water within it. This area still acts as water, so players can still swim through it.


This is typically used in combination with the Water Trigger to have surface monuments that go under ocean level.


unnamed (1).png


unnamed (2).png

Invisible Collider

Simply an invisible wall. Blocks projectiles and players.

Prevent Movment Volume

Invisible wall that only affects players. NPCs, grenades, bullets, etc. are unaffected. Typically used to prevent players from getting in spots you don’t want them in. (Yes it is spelled Movment in the game files)

Ladder Trigger

This trigger is used to make anything climbable. When a player is touching it, it allows them to climb. This will be helpful when you want to create a custom climbing prop or make static ladder prefabs usable.

Environment Volumes

These prefabs change the visuals for a player, allowing for better immersion depending on the location of where it is used.


Slightly darkens the player’s view, and makes shadows more prominent. Muffles/Reduces wind and bird noises.


Darkens the player’s view more, and makes shadows much more prominent. Muffles/Reduces wind and bird noises.


Darkens the player’s view to nearly pitch black. Muffles/Reduces wind and bird noises.


Fully darkens the player’s view. Removes Wind/Bird sounds. Adds cave ambience sounds.


Disables the sun and skybox, making the sky pitch black. Adds a black fog that reduces view distance to around 125 meters. Probably has no use in open area, but will be a great addition for any large underground structures – this will avoid any kind of situations when sun might glitch through geometry beyond the shadow draw distance.


(Unconfirmed, will update once fully tested)


(Unconfirmed, will update once fully tested)

Damage Triggers

Their name are self-explanatory. Deals a certain amount of damage to player when colliding with this volume, higher volume type means more damage and lesser time to kill. Works and sounds the same as barbed wire. There are four types of hurt triggers:

  • Damage Trigger Low
  • Damage Trigger Med
  • Damage Trigger High
  • Damage Trigger Death 💀

Bandit Swamp Fog FX


This is a volumetric fog from the Bandit Camp monument. No description needed.


Safe Zone is a volume trigger a sphere collider (2 meter radius by default). Safe zone on custom maps works the same way as on outpost/bandit camp. You shoot – you die and receive a 5 minute long ban.

If you combine custom safe zones with vanilla safe zones, you will have a hostility marker visible whenever you attack or just shoot, even if there is no safe zone near you. Unfortunately the only solution is removing all default Rust safezone monuments.

Radiation Spheres

There are three types of radiation sources:

  • Radiation High
  • Radiation Med
  • Radiation Low

They have a corresponding radiation level and will do slower or faster damage on player, depending on source type. When it comes to vanilla approach for radiation levels, it's usually preferred to cover tier 3 monuments and best loot points with highest radiation level, especially if players are not meant to stay there for long, just like on top of launch site. Med and Low variants will fit the best for majority of your custom monuments.

Comfort Volume

A sphere shaped volume that provides you comfort when staying inside of it. Perhaps a good thing to implement at safe zones for players to heal themselves slowly.

Heat Volume

Currently it's purpose remains unknown. Need to be clarified.

It seems like volume does nothing in-game - needs more checks and, most likely, a fix if it's a confirmed broken prefab.

Chair Invisible Static

An invisible variant of a handmade chair. Doesn't decay but can be destroyed with an ent kill command. Avoid using it on invisible chairs because there will be no way to add it back.

List of Prefabs with Built-in Triggers & Volumes

Coming very soon!

Information gathered provided by the Rust Map Making community.