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Volume Prefabs History

10 Months Ago
Volume_Prefabs - heat volume is useles
1 Year Ago
Volume_Prefabs - this article was quite outdated, add new volumes + new volumes article overhaul + missed a thing as always
Volume_Prefabs - Bring back the typo (this is how prefab is named in assets, and there is a note about that below)
Volume_Prefabs - Fix typo
2 Years Ago
Volume_Prefabs - Moved some prefabs to Utility_Prefabs
Volume_Prefabs - Added link to reference how to make natural spawns to Spawn Point section.
Volume_Prefabs - added a warning to spawn point since they're still not working on respawn
Volume_Prefabs - title art
Volume_Prefabs - (sort of) finished the radiation sphere section
Volume_Prefabs - forgot to rephrase one thing for a safe zone prefab
Volume_Prefabs - Extended description for volumes.
Volume_Prefabs - some rephrases, additions to "terrain trigger" part.
Volume_Prefabs - article for volume prefabs (title art pending)