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<cat>Dev.World</cat> <title>Volume Prefabs</title> Volume Prefabs are a collection of various triggers that have their unique effects once players enter the prefab. Almost all volumes have a 1x1x1 cube collider. Almost all are completely invisible in-game but apply specific effects to the player when interacted with. #Terrain Trigger As long as a player remains inside of this trigger, collisions with the terrain will be ignored. If you want to make an entrance into a cave or other structure that needs the player to go through the terrain, this trigger is for you. Keep in mind that all underground structures must be inside of this trigger to prevent players from instantly dying due to antihack. The alternative solution is disabling the antihack protection for terrain using this parameter: `+antihack.terrain_protection 0` Some prefabs like cave, sewer and bunker parts already contain a terrain trigger – you don't need to add it again. You also cannot currently remove these built-in triggers from those prefabs. #Water Trigger While players are inside of this trigger, visibility and interactions for all water related objects will be disabled, it will remove swimming and blurred vision but visibility becomes extremely dark as water triggers are usually needed underground. This may be helpful when your underground structure goes below the ocean level. #Invisible Collider It's an invisible 1x1x1 meter cube that basically works like an invisible wall. Blocks projectiles and players. #Prevent Player Movment (typo is a part of the prefab name) This works like an invisible collider but only for players – other forms of interactions with this wall (throwing/shooting through the wall, movement for NPCs) will remain active. You would most likely use this to stop a jump exploit in your monument without impacting PvP. #Ladder Trigger When a player touches this trigger and they walk into the wall, the player will start climbing up. This will be helpful when you want to create a custom climbing prop or make static ladder prefabs usable. #EnvironmentVolumeBuilding Makes the image slightly darker, just like when you are inside of a monument building or player base. #EnvironmentVolumeUnderground Makes everything completely dark, just like the inside of a Water Trigger, except you will be able to see and interact with the water in this trigger. #Bandit Swamp Fog FX <upload src="2f4/8d8202ccbdb8562.png" size="2366506" name="image.png" /> This is a volumetric fog from the Bandit Camp monument. No description needed I guess. #Safezonesphere Safe Zone is the only volume trigger with a sphere collider (2 meter radius by default). Safe zone on custom maps works the same way as on outpost/bandit camp. You shoot – you die and receive a 30 minute long ban. #Radiation? WIP, to be added when more info gathered. Safe Zone is a volume trigger a sphere collider (2 meter radius by default). Safe zone on custom maps works the same way as on outpost/bandit camp. You shoot – you die and receive a 30 minute long ban. #Radiation Sphere <note>TODO: • Should add how much radiation this trigger adds • Does it stack? If so then mention in the article</note> 1 meter sphere which adds [x] points of radiation to whoever enters this trigger. #Chair Invisible Static An invisible variant of a handmade chair. Doesn't decay but can be destroyed with an ``ent kill`` command. Avoid using it on invisible chairs because there will be no way to add it back. #Dropzone Invisible point that Chinook-47 will use as a location for dropping the locked crate. #Spawn Point Allows spawning players in exact spot if your map doesn't have any appropriate spawn area or you want to make them spawn inside of a certain building or any other structure.