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<cat>Dev.Cinematic</cat>⤶ <title>Animations</title>⤶ <upload src="739b0/8d7b040e82e10b9.jpg" size="159767" name="rust-wiki_anims_header.jpg" />⤶ ⤶ # Cinematic Animation Commands⤶ ⤶ These commands are currently a work in progress and mostly used internally for video specific projects.⤶ ⤶ ## Play Animation⤶ ⤶ Use the command `cinematic_play <anim name> <optional playername/id>` to trigger an animation. ⤶ ⤶ The optional player name/id parameter can be either a player or bot name. If no player name is parsed, the animation playback will be set to the player triggering the command.⤶ ⤶ A list of publically available cinematic animations can be found by using the [list command](/rust/Cinematic_Animations#animationlist).⤶ ⤶ ## Stop Animation⤶ ⤶ Use the command `cinematic_stop <optional playername/id>` to stop playback of a cinematic animation. The player animation will be returned to an idle state.⤶ ⤶ Same as the [play command](/rust/Cinematic_Animations#playanimation), the stop command can either be assigned to a player or bot name. If no player name is parsed, the animation of the current player triggering the command will stop.⤶ ⤶ <note>Both cinematic 'play' and 'stop' commands can be triggered during demo playback.</note>⤶ ⤶ ## Animation List⤶ ⤶ Use the command `cinematic_list` to print a list of all the available cinematic animation names and the total length for each animation. Below is a list of the current available animation names:⤶ ⤶ + idle_stand⤶ + point⤶ + thumbsup⤶ + hat_tip⤶ + wave⤶ + preview_thirsty_all⤶ + preview_hurt_arm_all⤶ + preview_choking_all⤶ + preview_cold_all ⤶ + preview_fatigued_all ⤶ + skydiving_land⤶ + hat_tip ⤶ ⤶ ## Server Previewing⤶ ⤶ Use the server convar `server.cinematic 1` to allow all players on the server to preview triggered cinematic animations. By default the player/administrator calling the `cinematic_play` command can only see the animations client side.