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<cat>Dev.Cinematic</cat> <title>Demos</title> <upload src="739b0/8d7b03ae21ff814.jpg" size="244566" name="rust-wiki_demos_header.jpg" /> # Demo Basics Below is a list of the basic commands to get started with recording and playing demo files. ## Recording Use the command `record <demoname>` to start recording a demo file. ## Loading Use the command `load <demoname>` to load and play a prevously recorded demo file. **Note:** Demos can only be loaded from the main menu and not during playback of another demo. You will need to [stop](/rust/Demos#stopping) the current demo file in order to load a new one. ## Stopping Use the command `stop` in console to exit from a demo playback. Once the demo has stopped, you will return back to the Rust main menu. ## File Location Demo files (.dem) are recorded to the 'demos' folder located in your Rust root game directory. ```markdown C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\demos ``` # Playback Commands Below are a few commands available for altering the playback of a demo file. ## Timescale `demo.timescale <speed>` - Adjust playback speed of the currently loaded demo file. Default / realtime speed is `1.0`. Use `0` for the speed to pause demo playback. ## Jump Time `demo.jump <time>` - Jump to a specific time in the demo (in seconds). For example, `demo.jump 120` will jump to the 2 minute mark in the demo file. ## Skip Time `demo.skip <time>` - Skip time in the demo forwards or backwards (in seconds). For example, a negative time amount such as `demo.skip -5` will skip the demo 5 seconds backwards in time. # Demo HUD <note>Currently in development.</note> # Other Commands Below are some other commands useful for demo playback. ## Admin Time Use the command `admintime <time>` to set the time of day during demo playback - measured in 24hr time. For example `admintime 12` will set the demo time to midday. `-1` will return the demo to it's original time. **Note:** Time progression is disabled when setting a custom admin time. ## Camera Save Points Debug camera [save point](/rust/Debug_Camera#savepoints) commands (including [autosave and autoload](/rust/Debug_Camera#autosaveload)) can be used during demo playback. ## Tree Quality Use the command `tree.quality <amount>` to increase or decrease tree render distance. The max tree render distance is currently clamped at `1000`, which should provide good results for most cases. ## LOD Override Use the command `lodbias 5` to increase the level of detail for entities in the game. This will improve the graphics quality for some game objects at a distance - eg. players, deployables, buildings, etc.