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<rustitem id="1840822026" shortname="grenade.beancan"> <name>Beancan Grenade</name> <category>Weapon</category> <description>*Unreliable explosive grenade.* #Infomation Can be used to destroy wooden or sheet metal doors but is more effectively used in the creation of satchel charges. ##Crafting Costs - 60 [Gun Powder](gunpowder) - 20 [Metal Fragments](metal.fragments) ##Recycling Output - 30 [Gun Powder](gunpowder) The Beancan Grenade is an early-game tool. They're used to craft Satchel Charges, but can be used by themselves in raiding. The Beancan Grenade has a random detonation period and can kill a player if it's within the range. The Beancan Grenade has a 15% chance to be a dud. However, Beancan Grenades have a 50% chance to explode when you attempt to pick them up again after a dud. #Stats - 10 [Metal Fragments](metal.fragments) ##Research Costs - 715 [Scrap](scrap) to go thru the tech tree in a [Work Bench Level 1](workbench1) - 75 [Scrap](scrap) at the [Research Table](research.table) #Statistics - Explosive Dmg: **15** - Lethality: **115** - Throw Distance: **26m** - Fuse Length: **3.5-4s** - Blast Radius: **4.5m** </description> #Researching - **715x** [Scrap](scrap) to go thru the tech tree in a [Work Bench Level 1](workbench1) - **75x** [Scrap](scrap) at the [Research Table](research.table) #Crafting - **60x** [Gun Powder](gunpowder) - **20x** [Metal Fragments](metal.fragments) #Recycle - **30x** [Gun Powder](gunpowder) - **10x** [Metal Fragments](metal.fragments) #Repair <note>Can't be Repaired</note> #Loot - **2%** Elite Tier Crate - **2%** Heavy Scientist - **2%** Underwater Lab Elite Crate - **1%** Sunken Chest - **1%** Underwater Lab Blue Crate - **1%** Crate - **0.2%** Arctic Scientist - **0.2%** Tunnel Dweller - **0.2%** Cargo Ship Scientist - **0.2%** Underwater Dweller - **0.2%** Military Base Scientist - **0.2%** Excavator Scientist - **0.2%** Oil Rig Scientist - **0.2%** Patrol Scientist #NPC Shop <note> No NPC Shop Sell that item!</note> #Skins - No </description> </rustitem>