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<rustitem id="1545779598" shortname="rifle.ak"> <name>Assault Rifle</name> <category>Weapon</category> <description>A high damage machine rifle that uses 5.56 rifle ammo. Heavy recoil and high damage make this weapon deadly in the hands of a practiced shooter. Highly effective at short to long ranges. Used By PvP Chads. #Obtaining This item can crafted with a Tier 3 Workbench or found in various loot able crates.</description> </rustitem> #Update Info The Assault rifle now fires pistol bullets as naked infantile cum chuggers cant control spray as they sit in there thatch hut contemplating if tis is why there parents split up <description>*Doesn't shoot salt.* The Assault Rifle is an accurate, powerful, and fully automatic rifle that fires [5.56 Rifle Ammo](ammo.rifle). A popular end-game firearm for the majority of players due to its multipurpose combat capabilities & ability to be crafted at a [Work Bench Level 3](workbench3). ##Crafting Costs - 200 [Wood](wood) - 50 [High Quality Metal](metal.refined) - 1 [Rifle Body](riflebody) - 4 [Spring](metalspring) #Statistics - Base Damage: **50** - Rounds Per Second: **7.5** - Magazine Capacity: **30**</description> </rustitem>

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