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<cat>Play.General</cat> <title>The Tool Cupboard, decay and building privilage</title> # What's a Tool Cupboard? A tool cupboard (commonly referred to as a 'TC') is a very important building item in Rust that will prevent your base from decaying (getting damaged over time) as well as prevent other players from building on your base and close to it. <upload src="2b7da/8d8d20d95d01fa4.png" size="78069" name="image.png" /> <upload src="2b7da/8d8d20d79a20930.png" size="1160876" name="image.png" /> # Authorisation When you place down your TC you will automatically become authorised to it. This means that you are able to build within its radius, pickup deployable within its radius and be authorised to traps that require TC privilege - flame and shotgun traps. <br/><br/> Your teammates (or anyone else) will not be authorised to the tool cupboard until they approach it and press E to authorise: <upload src="2b7da/8d8d20e9bcb4e99.png" size="235742" name="authorise.png" /> Anyone authorised to the tool cupboard can also deauthorise themselves by holding E and choosing to deauthorise: <upload src="2b7da/8d8d20ed3b90319.png" size="557982" name="deauthorise.png" /> Anyone that has access to your tool cupboard can hold E and choose to clear all people that are currently authorised to it: <upload src="2b7da/8d8d20eefb1bf03.png" size="559666" name="clear.png" /> You will know if you are authorised to the tool cupboard as within its radius it will display "BUILDING PRIVILEGE" in the bottom right above your health bar <upload src="2b7da/8d8d20f5dc32e99.png" size="79743" name="buildingprivIndicator.png" /> # How big is my Tool Cupboard's radius? The foundations of the building that your tool cupboard is connected to will project the TC's radius and your building privilege.<br/><br/> Here is the rough visualisation of the TC radius of a square 2x2 base: <upload src="2b7da/8d8d2113783c6cf.png" size="1521313" name="image.png" /> **Note how the radius is projected by the foundations and not from the point of the tool cupboard!** <upload src="2b7da/8d8d20e31f7e74f.png" size="614049" name="image.png" /> # Decay <upload src="2b7da/8d8d20e31f7e74f.png" size="614049" name="image.png" />