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Constant Buffers History

3 Months Ago
Constant_Buffers - Get rid of remaining `INSTANCED_SHADER_PARAMS` references in code examples
Constant_Buffers - added notes for some variables from built-in constant buffer & note for variables related to multiview instancing
7 Months Ago
Constant_Buffers - matPrevProjectionToWorld ---> g_matPrevProjectionToWorld
10 Months Ago
Constant_Buffers - Add g_vSunLightDir to constant buffer list
1 Year Ago
Constant_Buffers - Remove unused
by matt
Constant_Buffers - Fix cbuffer being written as struct in the shader code
Constant_Buffers - Minor Change
by Rubat
Constant_Buffers - User defined constant buffers tutorial
by ogniK
Constant_Buffers - Get rid of most internal cbuffers, they're pointless. Swap includes to use the public ones instead
by ogniK
3 Years Ago
Constant_Buffers - Added remaining cbuffers + Minor Change
by ogniK
Constant_Buffers - Documented important cbuffers
by ogniK