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Custom Asset Types History

5 Months Ago
Custom_Asset_Types - Bad English -> good English
Custom_Asset_Types - Added note about Asset.LoadResource + typo
1 Year Ago
Custom_Asset_Types - clarify serialization behavior with JsonIgnore attribute
Custom_Asset_Types - Added more Attribute help
by Steel
Custom_Asset_Types - Added JsonIgnore attribute
Custom_Asset_Types - Minor Change - code style
Custom_Asset_Types - category
by Rubat
Custom_Asset_Types - Added change noting filetype error + Minor Change
by ImPukes
Custom_Asset_Types - Minor Change
by Alex
Custom_Asset_Types - Minor changes
by Berkin
Custom_Asset_Types - Remove out of date FGD reference
Custom_Asset_Types - Standalone inspector no longer exists + Minor Change
by Alex
Custom_Asset_Types - Asset is now GameResource, Pain Day III, etc
by Alex
Custom_Asset_Types - Added example of [Category] usage
Custom_Asset_Types - Updated example as method has changed.
Custom_Asset_Types - Added details on [ResourceType] + Minor Change
2 Years Ago
Custom_Asset_Types - Remove info relating to [Property] as it's obsolete, add info about [Hammer.Skip]
by bloo
Custom_Asset_Types - Minor Change
by Rubat
Custom_Asset_Types - Add information regarding Property.FGDType
Custom_Asset_Types - Assets auto generate their metadata file now, Resource.FromPath isn't actually loading, also show how to use Asset.PostLoad effectively
by matt
3 Years Ago
Custom_Asset_Types - Minor readability edits
by xezno
Custom_Asset_Types - Create page - "Custom Asset Types"
by xezno