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From Lua to CSharp History

1 Year Ago
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Deleting this shit until better times
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Instead of deleting that page, make it deprecated
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Nuke as per https://canary.discord.com/channels/833983068468936704/837215495496663040/838509823778619442
by xezno
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Semi-nuke: this page is supposed to be a *brief, simple, illustrative* preview of C#, not a complete guide. + Add back terminology section + Strings: people don't need to know about the 3000 different ways you can concatenate. They probably don't need to know what a "verbatim string literal" is this early on, either. + Minor Change + Highlight "brief, simple and illustrative", replace resources link with the one on the wiki + Minor Change + Fix terrible string interpolation example
by xezno
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Add back terminology because people keep back overwriting each others changes
From_Lua_to_CSharp - improve the example for interpolating
by MeDerp
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Revert previous change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change - removed sace. Side note: Why does your example say to use "static" and at the end say not to use it?
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Use correct data types instead of `var`. Using var might lead to confusion if the person does not understand how types work and they get a type related error. + Added back stuff that was added after I started editing
by Sample
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Revert previous changes, add terminology part + Fix heading for terminology + Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Removed space from start. Removed comment about static vars. Because if you know something about it then explain it, others might don't. This thread's title is From Lua to C# and not a "I know C# but I need to go in this thread" kind of page. It's supposed to be a small teaching thing, where others can then Google stuff at will. But you're leaving an unanswered statement, and you sent me away from having a discussion, so I'mma put it here.
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Revert previous changes
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change + Minor Change + variable -> field + Whoops, this is the actual variable -> field edit
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Added global vars back, because it was removed.
From_Lua_to_CSharp - C# doesn't have global variables - no static variables are not global
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Add a disclaimer and a link to MS C# reference + Add a note about arrays indexing
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Changed "a = 5, b = 10, c = 15" to "b = 10, a = 5, c = 15", because keys are not guaranteed in order and I think it's important, especially those that see it as a recap or something idk
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Revert, simplify. People should google if they want to know more. + Remove useless int.ToStrings
From_Lua_to_CSharp - smaller text
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change + Minor Change + Minor Change
by Erlite
From_Lua_to_CSharp - adding changes from Erlite back bcs this wiki has diff highlight but no conflict detection, Saaadge
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Remove the empty "Arrays" section, collections are already covered. Clarify loops, fix whitespace
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Added (U+00A0) 'NO-BREAK SPACE' after the # to make it say C# and not C, as a temporary fix, because idk if anyone will fix this.
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Added more information for collections (and made the dictionary example easier to follow). More explanation on numeric data types.
by Erlite
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Added a C# beginning for "For Loops" then... I can't write # in a h2 and I'm mad https://i.imgur.com/GBclf86.png so I wrote CSharp instead
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Fix casting examples to be valid.
by Erlite
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Highlight? https://i.imgur.com/M0tQeWF.png
From_Lua_to_CSharp - For Loop, but one part is incomplete + Minor Change + Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Revert previous. The point was to do the same as in Lua example above
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - interploated → interpolated
by Jakb
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - csharp to C#
by D3XX3R
From_Lua_to_CSharp - lua -> Lua
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change
by AdamCF
2 Years Ago
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Dynamic typization p
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Typo + Lua spacing
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Add strings + More about numbers
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Add type conversion
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Revert latest drunk changes
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Fixed grammar
by Sample
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Type converation + Strings, minor change in "Numbers" + Special types
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Additional number data types + Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Use double quotes/spacing on Lua examples
by Florian
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Remove the disclaimer
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Add Collections, cover var briefly
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Typos, add Member Access + Add variable types + Add Numbers
From_Lua_to_CSharp - multiline comments
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Lets make this simpler
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Add accessibility section
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Use headers differently
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Modifying syntax in 'Strong Static Typing' section + Typos
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Add question marks so that the "sharp" sign doesn't disappear
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Minor Change
From_Lua_to_CSharp - Created Page + Move to Getting Started category