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<cat>Play.General</cat> <title>Keybinds</title> # What are keybinds all about? Keybinds allow you to add extra customisability to your controls whilst playing the game and allow you to: - Change aspects of your gameplay on the fly at the press of a button - Combine different actions into 1 or multiple buttons - Access different controls you usually are not able to unless you use the F1 console - Put your keyboard to full use and enhance your Rust experience #Creating your first keybind So you've come to the conclusion that you hate having to kill your character to respawn by pressing F1 each time and typing 'kill' as you learnt on the [commands page]( Let's make that more convenient for you! Now hit F1 whilst in-game (You don't even have to be in a server!) and type out: ```markdown bind k kill ``` Now anytime that you want to find yourself back on the respawn menu you can hit `k` and your character will drop dead like minnow out of a survival fishing trap! (Permitted that you haven't been trying to kill yourself too quickly and are on cooldown) #Keybind general formula The general formula to create a keybind is as follows: ```markdown bind key action ``` #The multi-key keybind So you've realised after a while of having your basic "tap k to kill yourself" keybind that you've off'ed yourself a good few times without even meaning to resulting in gamer-rage beyond belief. Luckily you can set keybinds so multiple keys are required to perform the action, here's how we can improve the previous kill keybind: ```markdown bind [leftshift+k] kill ``` Now you'll have to hold `leftshift` (the shift key but the left one under `capslock`) and then tap `k` to kill your character which will result in a much safer hazard-free method which you won't fat-finger by accident