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Small Oil Rig Monument!

There are two oil rig monuments in RUST, the large oil rig monument and the small oil rig monument. The small oil rig monument was introduced to RUST on March 7th, 2019 in the Oil Rig Update. The oil rig itself appears to have been modelled after a real-life offshore “Jack-Up” oil rig.

Similar to the Military Tunnel and the Cargo Ship monuments, it is protected by armed scientists. In total, there are 15 blue scientists that patrol the various levels. When scientists are killed, they will re-spawn roughly 24 minutes later. This makes it very difficult to loiter about the monument for long, as it will stress test resources.

However, unlike the existing cargo ship event, there is no radiation to worry about and the small oil rig does not move, as it is stationary in nature. With each procedural map, there is a chance the small oil rig will spawn in a random location, based on the map’s seed and size values. The larger the map size, the better the chance.

The small oil rig monument will spawn on the outer edges of the map, so look carefully, it can be easy to miss. Accessing the monument itself can be quite challenging, as many players will be vying for control and means to transport themselves to the small oil rig.

Comprised of 4 levels, all above the water, each can be identified by the painted markings found on the jack-ups and surrounding bulkheads. On the uppermost level, players will find a helicopter landing pad.

This helicopter landing pad is also used in conjunction with a new Heavy Scientist event, which can be triggered by players hacking a locked crate on the 4th level. The small oil rig monument offers a unique, challenging and highly lucrative offering for those players interested in risking the trip.

Accessing the Small Oil Rig

Accessing the monument is a non-trivial task. Apart from competing players, the monument is completely isolated from the main island. Players wishing to venture to this monument will want to consider supplying themselves with food, water, medicine, ammunition, key cards, fuses, fuel, and transportation.

While players can technically make the swim, it’s not practical or advised, as the scientist will engage you as players near the monument. Consider securing a motorboat, RHIB, hot air balloon or the minicopter to travel to and from the small oil rig monument.

It’s also highly advised to venture out to the monument with either a partner or small group. The scientist on board will engage players well before they’ve made contact. There’s also the possibility of other players already on the monument engaging. Keep in mind, the value of your transportation, as others will certainly attempt to sabotage any vehicles they come in contact with.

Players looking to exit the small oil rig can do this quickly by simply jumping off the sides and into the water, as no fall damage will be taken. However, scientists will continue to engage players that are in the water if within shooting distance.

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