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<cat>Play.World</cat> <title>The Map</title> The game world. This is where your Rust experience happens when you're not in the queue. Maps are usually random through procedural generation, but there are also official pre-made maps ([Hapis]( and [Savas]( and custom community maps through modding. The information on this page is accurate for procedurally generated maps unless stated otherwise. To view the map in-game, you hold G by default. Right mouse button places a yellow marker visible on the map as well as your compass. If you are the leader of your [team](, everyone can see the marker, though it will be of blue color. #Biomes The Rust map consists of several biomes; grassland, swamp, desert and snow. The largest occurring biome is the grasslands, there is one large desert area and one large snow area, as well as mountains across the map which turn into snow biomes as the altitude rises. Additionally, there are swamps in the form of large circles with a diameter of 150 meters, spread throughout the map on which players can build. [Abandoned Cabins]( and [Bandit Camp]( are always located inside of a swamp area, contrary to other monuments which can be in any of the other biome (but not the swamp). #(Ring) Road There is a ring road that goes around the map with smaller roads branching off of it. Roads are a source of [Components]( through barrels and crates, as well as other items you may find in [barrels](, [crates](, or [toolboxes]( #Ridables #Mounts You can ride [horses]( in Rust, which may randomly spawn across the map. You can find [rowboats]( and [Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats]( near the shore. Near the road you can find [minicopters]( and [Scrap Transport Helicopters]( #Monuments Monuments are larger build-protected areas with buildings and other entities. Depending on the monument players go to these to get loot, to [recycle]( their inventory, to trade or buy items, or to find action in either violent or non-violent manners. There are [Roadside Monuments]( There are larger monuments: [Outpost]( [Bandit Camp]( [Launch Site]( [Giant Excavator Pit]( [Military Tunnels]( [The Dome]( [Train Yard]( [Satellite Dish]( [Harbor]( [Sewer Branch]( [Power Plant]( [Lighthouse]( [Abandoned Cabins]( [Water Treatment Plant]( [Oil Rig]( and [Large Oil Rig]( #Caves Caves are underground. #Sea Sea has loot islands, also sunken ships. #Animals Animals are a source of materials required to craft stuff. Also, some of them may attack you. #Events There are several events around the map revolving around distributing or obtaining loot, and changing the danger level of mostly randomized areas by attracting fellow Rust players to these locations. These events have a cooldown and appear from time to time. The [Attack Helicopter]( flies from monument to monument, and attacks anyone wearing more than 2 pieces of clothing and/or with a weapon in their toolbar other than a bow. Players can shoot the attack helicopter down by hitting either of the rotors enough times, though the attack helicopter will retaliate by shooting rockets that damage your base. The [Chinook]( flies around the map shooting at anyone, dropping a [Locked Crate]( at one of the monuments. An [Airdrop]( is dropped by a plane at a random location on the map. The [Cargo Ship]( navigates around the map and has and spawns with at least one [Locked Crate](

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