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The Map History

5 Months Ago
map - Minor Change + animals, locked crate change
by Jakb
6 Months Ago
map - Adding links to custom map references for map info.
map - All links were previously "external" even though they were to other wiki pages. Links were modified to show they are internal links. + Changed monument categories to subheadings + Reformatted the monuments section. Should be redone later to reflect tiered monuments and include the "Roadside monuments" which would be T0.
7 Months Ago
map - updated to define difference between safe zone monuments and normal lootable monuments
by Dellis
1 Years Ago
map - Just added more of what’s in the ocean and what players can do, feel free to change <3
map - I changed the definition of caves, it was (caves are underground before). My definition isn’t perfect, but better then before - feel free to change ofc.
map - Add key tag
by Mazey
map - Add header image
by Mazey
map - Wording
by Mazey
map - Fix category
by Mazey

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