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1 Year Ago
Mapping_Resources - add new hammer tutorial video
Mapping_Resources - Minor Change
by Alex
Mapping_Resources - Minor Change
by Rubat
Mapping_Resources - Removed privated video
by Dad
3 Years Ago
Mapping_Resources - Minor Change
Mapping_Resources - Minor Change
Mapping_Resources - Removed duplicate entries in the tutorials section + Removed duplicate introduction text
Mapping_Resources - FIX THE WIKI ASAP HOLY F
by Aspect
Mapping_Resources - More Grammar Fixes
by SE77H
Mapping_Resources - fixed duplicate
Mapping_Resources - Additional Resources
Mapping_Resources - Minor Change, header names
Mapping_Resources - space after dash
Mapping_Resources - grammar
Mapping_Resources - Improved note and changed note from a header to an actual note.
by Moonded
Mapping_Resources - So... someguy made "quality changes"... by removing an entire video from the list. Maybe the description next to it should have been changed so it doesn't sound so "legends". Then I have no clue wtf "order clashing" is supposed to mean? What order? There is no order, just categories, people click on it and then decide whetever they like or not. Sounds like something similar from https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Talk:Level_Design_Video_Tutorials where one guy said: "Omg, don't add 3kliksphilip videos" and other guy replies "what they look fine to me". Just add resources split them up and there it is. I think that one FMPONE video can be helpful. And I will add it back, but change the description, so it doesn't sound so... emphasize highlighted or something. Also I'm gonna split up youtube and google docs just like on VDC. And I will add work in progress back and that edits are welcome, with a small \:D emote or nvm, no \:D emote. Changed Hosomi videos to playlist. Thanks for validation, removed <validate> tag
Mapping_Resources - Minor Change
by webby
Mapping_Resources - Validate: Did "garry" approve, "Hosomi tutorials"? https://i.imgur.com/d0YZsmm.png Secondly, does it matter? If not remove the "approve" thingy. Also why was the friendly big text changed to a note that removed a video but not others huuuuh? Also, this would have looked better https://i.imgur.com/NUndnwX.png but did not apply it
Mapping_Resources - Quality change - Note
by Moonded
Mapping_Resources - Minor Change + Minor Change
Mapping_Resources - Improved Quallity
by Moonded
Mapping_Resources - make WIP a big bold text block
by webby
Mapping_Resources - priority, objectivitiy, note
Mapping_Resources - add FMPONE Source 2 Crash Course and change some spelling
by webby
Mapping_Resources - capitalization
Mapping_Resources - fixed order
Mapping_Resources - Minor Change
by webby
Mapping_Resources - list order for priority
Mapping_Resources - Created Page