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User Changes: anthonysharpy

9 Months Ago
SettingUpANavigationMesh - Created Page + make the super big image smaller + can't spell + minor changes
10 Months Ago
Camera - fix obsolete attributes
ui-razor - shoehorn filename information in because this article is a mess
11 Months Ago
Performance_Profiling - make step 9 a recommendation rather than something that's part of the tutorial
Performance_Profiling - more in depth debugging
RPCs - simplify introduction. create short limitations section.
Performance_Profiling - can't do basic math
Performance_Profiling - Created Page
1 Year Ago
Dedicated_Server - grammar + remove redundant sentence which is basically already covered by the last thing
RPCs - Minor Change
Prediction - as per feedback
Prediction - bulked it up with lots more information. might come back to polish this later. please feel free to suggest any improvements or to point out any inaccuracies. + typo
Dedicated_Server - help with crashes + Minor Change + Minor Change
Dedicated_Server - removing this since there is a small chance that the file could be being written to whilst it is copied which could cause it to mess up
Dedicated_Server - hosting unreleased content + wording
Dedicated_Server - big rework. added more information, changed formatting etc
MakingASimpleAI - clarify what kinds of maps this works on
multi-run - pedantic capitalisation
MakingASimpleAI - Created Page + move to a working category
Clothing - Minor Change + grammar
Camera - Minor Change
ui-events-and-input - Minor Change
UI - drawing + Minor Change
ui-events-and-input - fixing my dumb mistake
World_UI - clarify word panel info
UI - mention ref attributes. create hybrid uis section. comments about c# only uis.
UI - fix no information about panel, image, label tags etc. spag. re-worded some parts.
Networked_Types - clarify dictionary behaviour + nope this must be a bug
ui-events-and-input - Clarify root panel input behaviour
UI - add panel inspector stuff