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User Changes: TheHyoid

1 Year Ago
Custom_Maps - Modified links to other wiki pages to show as internal links. + Modified internal links to show up as such rather than external links. + Typo
Utility_Prefabs - Modified internal links to show up as such rather than showing up as external links.
item/jackolantern.angry - Formatting for subheader
map - All links were previously "external" even though they were to other wiki pages. Links were modified to show they are internal links. + Changed monument categories to subheadings + Reformatted the monuments section. Should be redone later to reflect tiered monuments and include the "Roadside monuments" which would be T0.
Oil_Rig - Changed name to reflect ingame name of just "Oil Rig" instead of "Small Oil Rig"
Ore_nodes - Added Images for Nodes
Large_Oil_Rig - More Images
item/workbench1 - Removed experimenting category + Accidently removed bottom "rustitem" tag. + I'm an idiot and forgot / + Minor Change + Minor Change
Large_Oil_Rig - Test Change + Test Change + Revert Test Change
item/sign.pole.banner.large - Crafting Costs | Recycling Output
item/sign.hanging.banner.large - Crafting Costs | Recycling Costs
item/lantern - Crafting Costs | Recyclcing Output
sunburn - Created Page | Added description from the store (should be replaced later tho) | Added Items that are included in DLC + Chanced Title
item/sign.pictureframe.landscape - Crafting Costs | Recycling Output
paddle - Created Page
item/sign.wooden.huge - Formatting fix
item/kayak - Created Page | Crafting Costs | Recycling Output + Fixed external link - was directed to Wiki Help instead of Rust Wiki. + Minor Change + Typo
item/jackolantern.happy - Minor Change + Crafting costs and recycling output
item/jackolantern.angry - Added crafting cost and recycling output
item/sign.wooden.huge - Crafting costs and recycling output.
item/hitchtroughcombo - Crafting costs and recycling output.
item/furnace - Minor Change + Usage information was adjusted from "efficient usage" and was added a subheading
item/fridge - Crafting Costs and Recycling output
item/xmas.window.garland - Added Steam item requirement, crafting costs, and recycling output
item/xmas.door.garland - Steam item requirement, crafting costs, and
item/easterdoorwreath - Added steam item requirement, crafting cost, and recycling output.
item/dropbox - Minor Change
item/composter - Minor Change
item/dragondoorknocker - Added steam item info, crafting costs, and recycling output
item/ - Added crafting costs and recycling output.
item/composter - Created Page + Minor Change + Minor Change
item/xmas.tree - Minor Change
item/xmas.lightstring - Minor Change
item/xmasdoorwreath - Minor Change
item/chineselantern - Minor Change
item/bed - Formatting + Minor Change + Minor Change
item/chair - Minor Change
item/campfire - Minor Change
item/botabag - Minor Change
item/bbq - Minor Change
item/antiradpills - Typo and Hydration value change.
item/campfire - Added Crafting costs and recycling output
item/botabag - Crafting costs, capacity, and recycling output
item/bed - Added Crafting costs and recycling output
Large_Oil_Rig - Couple typos and added image of Oil Rig will try to add more later