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Creating animated sprites

This page assumes that you know how to create a particle effect using the sprite renderer. If you do not, you can follow this wiki page: Creating your first particle effect

Flipbook Texures

Before we get started you will need a flipbook texture.

A flipbook texture is a single image containing each frame of an animation laid out in a grid.


Flipbook texture example

If you're using a .png and it's not showing up, make sure you're not exporting it as a "Smaller File (8-bit)" .png

Creating a .vtex file

Now that we have our flipbook texture, we need to create a .vtex file, so we can use it in the Sprite Renderer.

  • Right click the flipbook texture in the asset browser and select Create Texture, save it with the desired name and location.
  • In the Texture Editor, press the Edit more... button to the right of the Sequence filepath.
  • Tick the Flipbook checkbox and set the rows and columns to match your flipbook texture.
  • Press Done to close the sequence editor and then save the Texture.

Using the animated sprite

  • Select your new animated texture in the texture property on the Sprite Renderer
  • Increase the animation rate property on the Sprite Renderer

Congratulations! You have just created and used your first animated sprite in the Particle Editor!


Example of an animated sprite