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Custom Maps History

3 Years Ago
Custom_Maps - Modified links to other wiki pages to show as internal links. + Modified internal links to show up as such rather than external links. + Typo
Custom_Maps - Minor Change
Custom_Maps - updated the overview part
4 Years Ago
Custom_Maps - overview update
Custom_Maps - replaced page redirects to Rust items with an external link tag because first one doesn't work for some reason. (+ some rephrasing)
Custom_Maps - Rephrased some wording. Added reference to where information was gathered from.
Custom_Maps - typoooo fixes
Custom_Maps - added "overview" section and updated the note
Custom_Maps - Rewrote the page, still requires tons of changes and corrections
Custom_Maps - added an image showing an example of super simple custom map because we really need and I haven't even discussed it with Tom
Custom_Maps - Redirect to terrain
Custom_Maps - Created Page