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Default Shared Asset Filter

Default Shared Asset Filter

Assets networked to clients can be configured to some extent using the addon schema. However, this filter is currently quite primitive, so it can be useful to know the game's internal logic for excluding files to send.

The following files are excluded.

  • Files and directories in the root directory that begin with a .. For instance, YOUR_ADDON/.foo/bar.txt would not be sent, but YOUR_ADDON/foo/.bar/baz.txt would.
  • Files without an extension (no . in the name).
  • Source code, project files, and compilation artifacts: code/*, *.cs, properties/*, obj/*, *.pdb, and *.csproj. Addons are networked as compiled assemblies. This does NOT mean you should be putting secrets in your source code, since your addon will be trivial to decompile.
  • Map source files: *.vmap **.los
  • Model source files: *.dmx, *.fbx, *.vmdl, and *.vanmgrph.
  • Texture and material source files: *.tga, *.tif, *.psd, *.vmat, *_color.png, and *_color.txt.
  • Sound source files: *.sound and *.wav.
  • Particle source files: .vpcf.
  • Executables and (windows) shell scripts: *.exe, *.cmd, *.dll, *.bat, and .bin.
  • Files ending with .cache and accesslist.txt.
  • Files containing _bakeresourcecache and codegen-exception.

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