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Addon Config Schema

Addon Config Schema

An example addon config file from the Minimal Game showing the minimum configuration required to create an addon.

{ "sharedassets": "*.*" }

Shared Assets Filter

The sharedassets field is a search string required to send code and content from the server to clients.

"sharedassets": "*.*"

The search string will match against files in the addon's directory. It can contain a combination of valid literal path and wildcard (* and ?) characters, but doesn't support regular expressions.

If this is an empty string or null - no code or content will be sent to clients.

Unused properties

The following properties exist but have no effect so there is no need to set them:

  • "version"
  • "title"
  • "description"
  • "tags" - multiple tags split by ;
  • "icon" - icon not displayed anywhere.

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