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Creating and uploading addons

Creating an addon

Creating an addon is as simple as using the Addon Manager in the editor.

Simply do 'Add' > 'Create New' or ctrl + n .


Then, select the type of addon you wish to create, give it a name, and set a location for where the addon should be stored. By default, this will be in your Documents folder under S&box Projects


Now you should have a new addon ready for editing! You'll find it wherever you saved it to.

Uploading an addon

Uploading an addon is also done through the Addon Manager.

To publish an addon, you'll need to set an Organization to upload to. If you don't have one, you can make one here. Once all is said and done, click on the save icon highlighted in blue below.


Finally, when you are ready to upload to the asset.party, click the button as shown below.


Managing addons

You can further manage your addons through the DevSite