S&box Wiki

Creating A Game

Before creating a game you should have an adequate coding workspace setup, the easiest is Setting up Visual Studio but you can get others working with additional setup.

Creating a minimal game

You create new project from the editor, go to Project-> Create New..., create a new game project, you can place this wherever you want on your disk.



Once you make your project your code is accessible through your Visual Studio solution, the easiest way to open it is through your editor.


By default, there is basic code for a game that spawns a pawn.


All your content can go in folders within your addon folder.

  • addons/myaddon/config - for defining custom asset types
  • addons/myaddon/fonts - fonts here are automatically loaded and available for usage in UI
  • addons/myaddon/materials
  • addons/myaddon/models
  • addons/myaddon/particles
  • addons/myaddon/shaders
  • addons/myaddon/sounds