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Specifies fog based on a color gradient.

In code, it is defined in the GradientFogEntity.cs file under addons\base\code\Entity\Hammer\Effects.


Name (targetname)

  • The name that other entities refer to this entity by.

Tags (tags)

  • A list of general purpose tags for this entity, for interactions with other entities such as triggers.

Fog Enabled (fogenabled)

Fog Start Distance (fogstart)

Fog End Distance (fogend)

Fog Start Height (fogstartheight)

Fog End Height (fogendheight)

Fog Maximum Opacity (fogmaxopacity)

  • Set the maximum opacity at the base of the gradient fog.

Fog Color (R G B) (fogcolor)

  • Set the gradient fog color.

Fog Strength (fogstrength)

Distance Falloff Exponent (fogfalloffexponent)

  • Exponent for distance falloff.

Vertical Falloff Exponent (fogverticalexponent)

  • Exponent for vertical falloff.

Fade Time (fadetime)

  • How much time it takes to fade in new values.